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Robust and Lightweight

Trailer RSK-ULTRA offers you high quality trailers.


RSK Ultra Trailer



This Quebec-made trailer is the ideal equipment to enhance your leisure time and simplify your work. Its unique design allows it to glide along with obstacles, making it easy to transport in the forest. Trailer RSK-ULTRA, the high-quality "ACTION/NATURE" trailer, made of 100% fibreglass, results from quality construction that meets the most rigorous standards. The RSK trailers are now called RSK-ULTRA because they are now GUARANTEED for 5 YEARS* (the RSK I and RSK II models, which can be seen in some photos and videos, are the first versions sold previously).

The RSK-ULTRA Trailers

Manoeuvrability, Proven Robustness

The RSK-ULTRA trailers are suitable for all-season off-road use. The handling is exceptional while maintaining maximum stability on all types of terrain. The RSK-ULTRA trailer is robust, shock-resistant and weatherproof due to its streamlined body made entirely of composite materials. No rust and no peeling paint. The loading capacity is remarkable, as it can easily support almost one ton (910 Kg/2000 lb.). Designed for people of action and nature, the RSK-ULTRA will become your partner for a long time!




The concept and engineering of the RSK-ULTRA trailers are unique in the market. To use a trailer all year

round in various weather conditions and different environments is a challenge. The streamlined shape of the trailer allows it to fit almost anywhere, keeping it efficient at all times; no banging, no dents like metal, just slight scratches when it rubs against an obstacle. No worries, made of the strongest composite materials, the structure remains robust despite heavy use over the years. No wood elements could rot with time and use.* 5-year warranty against rot, fungus and delamination. The mechanical parts are of the highest quality and require very little maintenance.

Unmatched quality

Unsurpassed Quality

The Transform-Plus manufacturing process is unique and patented. Transform-Plus has been in existence for over 20 years and has built a reputation as a high-quality manufacturer by marketing the Swimplatform-Ultra, now sold worldwide. The high standards of manufacturing, gained from the experience of the last 15 years, guarantee an unparalleled investment in purchasing an RSK-ULTRA trailer.



The RSK-ULTRA is the only trailer to offer a 5-year warranty against mould and delamination. With this warranty, your investment is protected. You will enjoy this equipment for a long time at an exceptional price/quality ratio. Transform-Plus products have an outstanding justifiable value.

RSK-ULTRA, Your Partner in Action

Trailer RSK-ULTRA offers you various possibilities.

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