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Hunting and Nature

Getting wild game out of the forest is often a problem. With the RSK Trailers you have the ideal solution for deers, moose and bears. Whether you're in the woods, weaving through logs, jumping over rocks or crossing a wetland, the RSK-ULTRA trailer is the perfect equipment to maximize your hunting pleasure. See our testimonials!

The RSK All-Terrain trailer behaves wonderfully in all possible situations.

Bruno D. Federation of Quebec outfitters

We are three friends, we always go as a gang to prepare for our moose hunting season.

We each bought a trailer, we shouldn't make anyone jealous 😊. They arrived on a well-packaged pallet. We assembled them in 15 minutes and 10 minutes later we were in the woods. It's incredible, they go everywhere. Awesome!

Sylvain P. Rimouski 

For our expeditions, we chose the RSK Trailer! Its versatility allowed us to overcome all types of obstacles with incomparable ease. Its lightness, robustness and load capacity of 2000 lbs make it a high quality product, but above all essential for your all-terrain transport needs.

For several years I have used the RSK trailer for hunting.

It is incredibly practical and versatile for many activities

in the middle of nature. It goes everywhere!

I have also chosen to become a Trailer RSK-Ultra reseller.

Patrick C. Mountains Trailer. Ste-Agathe-des-Monts


I bought an RSK II trailer, it's very well thought out. I use it for hunting but also at the chalet for landscaping, super practical and sturdy.

Benoit B. Tremblant

I am a farmer and hunter. I bought an RSK I trailer. I use it for everything, in the fall when I have to go into plowed fields, with my quad, I pass through the furrows without problem with 1150 lbs of material. It's perfect. THANKS.

F T. Hemmingford

We purchased three RSK II trailers for the job. Our employees use them to transport sand, shot and earth to places that are difficult to access by truck. The concept allows them to be emptied like a wheelbarrow, which saves time.

APL Landscaping    

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